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Слова сочувствия и поддержки России из США

Множество простых американцев шлют в эти часы слова сочувствия и поддержки в Россию. Мы публикуем два таких письма с американского сайта Омы Хамоу (Форум Омы Хамоу).

My family's heartfelt sympathy goes to all Russian people, at this dreadful time. Please remember always that there are those so far away who are your friends and will always be, in good times and bad.
God Bless Russia!
John & Merina

I am a student at high-school and am sitting in my computer class. I watched tv today and saw people with guns run school children who carried flowers to school for their teacher as hostage. I heard that they killed some people already and there was a bomb explode in subway of Moscow. My classmates and I stood this morning around our flag pole and said a prayer for Russia and the children. We prayed for President Putin. I don't know where to send this letter too, so I thought to post here because a lot of Russians read Oma's website, and I want you to know, the children of America cares.
Alicia Whitehorse


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